3 Day 2 Night Getaway
 Includes Airfare

 $99.00 Getaway for 2

       Las Vegas, Nevada
Puerto Rico
Puerto Vallarta, MX
Orlando, Florida
Cabo, MX
Cancun, MX

This 2 night getaway is for roundtrip airfare for two adults from a selected major international airport in the continental United States, plus 2 exciting nights of hotel accommodations based on double occupancy. 

Viva  Las Vegas!...Sin City...The entertainment capitol of the world with Airfare included!

  Orlando has everything you need to show you  time of your  life.   Orlando is a  theme park heaven., and  has become synonymous with Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang. Wet and wild water parks, special effects-laden movie stunts, 3-D megaplexes and a life-sized fantasy castle that pierces the clouds are just a few of the things you can enjoy during a well-planned  vacation in Orlando..

       Disney World is a giant park  the size of Boston; take time to plan so you'll get the most from your trip. The good news is, the theme parks are not only fun they're beautifully realized; those who don't like Magic Kingdom may love the international pavilions around the Epcot lagoon, or the safari in Animal Kingdom, the beautiful
resorts, the Broadway-quality stage shows... Universal Studios has one of the best theme parks.  Here you can "ride the movies"...Back to The Future etc. 

Puerto Vallarta
erto Vallarta  has all the amenities of a classic beach resort: surf, sand and sun. But it also offers so much more. Perfect for honeymooners, families and seniors alike, Puerto Vallarta offers sport fishing, golfing, horseback riding, hiking and whale watching. Boasting mountains, jungles, beaches, rivers and waterfalls, this port is completely different from any other destination in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a modern destination that remains loyal to its traditional Mexican roots. And that's just scratching the surface.

When you think of the Mexican Riviera, with its palm-fringed beaches, luxuriant jungle vegetation and posh resorts, many places come to mind. But no resort typifies better the classic Mexican beach vacation than Puerto Vallarta does. It has come to be the sixth most popular travel destination in the world. Therefore, your Puerto Vallarta vacations guarantee you the utmost entertainment and relaxation.


Cancun is the ideal place to enjoy sun and beach, and offers extensive shopping opportunities and a world famous nightlife. Cancun also is the optimal start point for you to explore tropical coral reefs and jungles and archaeological sites of the old Mayan world.     

                                 This Is How It Works!

You need one package for 2 travelers, 2 packages for 4 travelers etc.
If children are traveling with you, their fare(s) will NOT  be collected now- but when you book your trip.  The children's fares  are published on the website of the package you are buying.  (If there are no children's prices listed, that means…no children go… it's for "adults only").
When you have purchased your vacation package, you will  receive your  booking form, via email.

You will then enter your travel dates, and submit the form. This takes about 2 or 3 minutes! You can add nights to your stay , and pay for children's fares when booking!  You may submit the form, in most cases, by email, phone, or by regular U.S. Postal mail.   It's That Easy!!

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TERMS:  All travel requires a minimum of 90 days booking notice and must be completed within 12-months of the registration date that will be listed on your booking form. Passengers must be 21 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license and a major credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Group travel or more than one couple is not permitted. Only one reservation form per household may be used in a twelve (12) month period.

At the time of booking your reservations, all accommodations are subject to their availability and inventory during low season and off peak travel periods. The travel center reserves the right to offer an alternate departure date. The recipient is responsible to pay for all expenses including, but not limited to: transfers, food, gratuities, a reservation processing fee for pertinent fees and taxes of approximately US $189 per person, and any miscellaneous expenses, where applicable. Once reservations are confirmed, a service fee will be levied for all changes, cancellations or no-shows, in addition to charges levied by the airline or travel service provider, if applicable. A $70.00 processing, postage and handling fee is required to receive your reservation form. Simple instructions are clearly printed on each reservation form.

 Your travel documents are sent to you via  U.S. Priority Mail.   
If you have a fixed travel date, our packages may not be for you.  You need flexibility to
enjoy our vacations. 
 You are responsible for reading the full  item listing.  We are not responsible if you failed to read the descriptions.  No refunds. 
If something happens, you may change your travel date, but-  All sales final.  Holidays travel may be difficult to get or require additional  surcharges.


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  $99.00   3 Day W/ airfare