What To Wear.....How To Dress
             On The Cruise Ship

  If you're going by cruise to the Bahamas, you want to be sure you have everything you need without over packing.  The first thing you should do is check with your cruise line to see if there are any dress codes aboard ship.  Cruise ship dress codes vary from ship to ship, and the length of the cruise.  The shorter 2-4 day cruises are usually much more casual than longer cruises where you're required to dress for dinner or Captain's Night in  formal evening gowns and tuxedos.

The shorter cruises are much more relaxed.   Jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, tennis shoes, skirts, khaki pants, shorts and flip-flops are common casual attire worn on board ship.  The ladies definitely need a skirt or casual dress for the restaurants.  Men can wear pants with a casual button-down shirt…or something similar.   Swim suits or shorts and halters are definite no-no's in the restaurants.

Packing for a cruise is like packing for any resort-based vacation. You'll want to bring comfortable, casual clothing for daytime on board and in port, and swimsuits and workout clothes for pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and health clubs. To be prepared for dinner in the dining room, check out
Dress Codes.

Think about the kind of shore excursions you may take and pack accessories, where appropriate, such as hiking boots, ponchos or rain gear, fleece jackets and snorkel gear.

Pack all of your medications, prescription or otherwise, in a bag you can carry onto your flights. Obtain extra prescriptions from your physician for any medications you are currently taking and carry them with you.

Most ships have 110-volt outlets in every cabin, which will accommodate U.S.-built hairdryers, travel irons and electric shavers. Most new ships provide hairdryers as well.

Bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses for bright, sunny days on deck. You'll have many opportunities to have your picture taken by the ship's photographers, but you'll naturally want to bring your own camera or video camera as well.

    In The Bahamas  

Most often, you'll enjoy the Bahamas weather. The sub-tropical and tropical climate makes the islands a pleasant destination year-round. The Gulf Stream and Trade Winds help to maintain even temperatures throughout the year, ranging from 20 to 30 degrees celsius during the day and 17 to 21 degrees C at night. Sea temperatures range between 23 degrees C in February and 28 degrees C in August.

The Bahamas has been known as a vacation destination for longer than most of the Caribbean, and with 2201 miles of coastline on more than 700 islands and 2,500 cays, beachwear is a necessity. Therefore, unlike some of the other islands in the Caribbean, it is not considered inappropriate to leave the beach in your beachwear. The Bahamas is a bit more laid back than some of the islands that retain more staunch cultural standards from their days as British colonies. However, you should still use common sense and not show up to even a casual restaurant in shorts and a bikini top.

The Bahamas is fun and exciting with its warm, beautiful beaches, exotic food,  and fun shopping The Bahamas are the place to go if you are looking for great beaches, great nightlife, and a lot of rest and relaxation. The Bahamas is a much laid back place to visit and when planning your trip there you should follow one simple rule; less is more.  Pack  according to the weather and thinking about comfort. 

Casual summer wear can be worn during the day any time of the year; but be sure to bring a jacket or sweater for cooler evenings from December to February. Most hotels/restaurants/casinos require jackets for men in the evening, especially in cosmopolitan Nassau. Though walking the streets in swim trunks in mid-January might sound irresistible, beach clothing is inappropriate on the streets of downtown Nassau, in churches, restaurants and casinos. On the more laid-back Out Islands, dress-codes are much more flexible.

Shorts:  The Bahamas are hot so bring a few pairs of shorts. Guys can always look great in cargos and gals can get away with short shorts if they can pull them off. If not, then go with a nice pair of carpris pants that will keep you feeling good and looking good as well.

 Walking around:  Some nice casual slacks made of cotton topped off with a nice button down shirt for guys and a fun skirt or dress for the ladies is appropriate.  Do NOT wear swim suits or beach wear in the churches or down town.

Shoes:  A good pair of walking shoes, and a pair of flip flops.  Your flip flops will come in handy at the beach and you will want a nice pair of walking shoes for all the window shopping you are bound to do as the Bahamas seem to have an endless array of shops and stores. Don’t forget a nice pair of shoes to wear when you go out at night.

Swim Suits:  The number one reason that people visit the Bahamas is the beach. Bring your suit and be ready to get wet. Guys typically look great in a cool pair of board shorts and women can go about as bare as they dare. Be warned though, there are some nude or clothing optional beaches in the Bahamas- so be sure you go to the beach you want.

The Evening:  The Bahamas tend to be cooler at night so make sure you pack a light sweater or jacket. Some resort restaurants will require guys to wear a jacket and tie before entering so check with the place you are staying at beforehand to see if you need to pack these items.

If you are traveling for business, a lightweight suit, jacket, and tie are appropriate. The usual Western formalities and courtesies are observed.

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